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Endorsements -

I found it to be one of the most moving experiences of Eucharistic Adoration that I have ever experienced in my priestly ministry. There is no way to describe him and his ministry without using the word "anointed."

- Rev. Richard T. Simon (Relevant Radio Host-Fr. Simon Says)

Prayer Through Song was one of the most profound adoration experiences I've ever had. It totally opened my heart to receive more of Christ's love for me and just pulled me and my love for Jesus even closer to Him.

                             -  John Sinski,  LOTW Board of Directors

“When we celebrate the liturgy, we experience the fact that God has sanctified time and made every second a gateway into eternity”. These words from the Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that our worship of God is an opportunity for a kind of celestial intersection. Every once in a while we may get a tangible and profound reminder of that reality. Time gets dense and space becomes iconic. Last Friday as Karl Miles led us in a retreat setting for outdoor adoration it became one of those precious events. A grassy courtyard became a time and space converter as a group of students and adults from our community here in Kearney, NE gathered to set our attention on the Blessed Sacrament displayed before us in this humble outdoor setting. With Christ mystically before us and the stars winking overhead, kneeling in adoration was the appropriate position. Thank you Karl for your sensitive accompaniment as you helped me see Jesus. Stunning! I am still processing with a heart full of gratitude.

- John Lillyman, Kearney, NE

Karl Miles is an extremely gifted musician, who truly allows the Holy Spirit to work through him. We had him for our confirmation retreat and all the kids LOVED him!! The adoration was their favorite part of the retreat. That's huge to have 8th graders who enjoyed praying and singing before the Blessed Sacrament!

- Nicole Brochmann, Director of Religious Formation St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church

Once again, I just had to say how much I enjoyed Karl’s music at adoration the other night. WOW!

                                                       - Linda C.

I know I was meant to be there at that time, in that place, with your beautiful music to help heal & touch my soul in the presence of Jesus. So thank you!! I have been on a profound journey with my faith this year, and you were there tonight in an hour of need when all I can do is see how much our world needs Him especially now during Advent. Thank you for bringing your message & gift to our parish!

                                                                               - Joanie O.

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About Karl Miles

Karl is a husband and father of three young

children. He met his wife Cori through Spirit

& Truth, a Eucharistic based young adult

group which she brought to Illinois in 2005.

Karl converted to the Catholic Church in

2001 while studying music at Wheaton

College, in large part due to the Catholic

teaching on the Eucharist. Karl and Cori’s

great love for the Eucharist and desire to spread Eucharistic Adoration has given rise to the formation of Prayer Through Song. We appreciate any support you might give, financial, prayer or any other gifts that might help spread our ministry.

What is Prayer Through Song -

Prayer Through Song is an hour of Eucharistic Adoration with live, reverent music in a contemplative atmosphere. It is in part an acknowledgement of what Mother Teresa said in response when asked, "What would convert America and save the world?" She responded by saying, "My answer is prayer. What we need is for every parish to come before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Hours of prayer."

- A beautiful and non-intimidating way to introduce people to Adoration. Great for Schools and Parish Life.

- A way to regain peace, clarity and direction in our lives.